What's in a Name?

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What's in a Name?

Clients have known us as Gale Force Software Corporation for more than 12 years. We are proud of the brand that we built and the trust that the Gale Force name has come to mean in the minds of our clients. However, after much internal discussion, we have decided to make a change to our name to better reflect the core value proposition we provide clients. We are now DeviceIQ.

From our earliest roots we have always been a device intelligence company. We often say that we make devices smart and teach them to communicate. Whether it be medical, industrial, or consumer devices, our world has been firmware, printed circuit boards, communication, and careful allocation of scarce computing resources. From time to time we have done more general custom software projects, but this is not what customers have come to rely on us for. So, as part of our recent strategy process, we have decided that a clearer name and vision/mission statements were needed to help our current and future clients, as well as our own team, stay focused on what we do best. Below is our renewed vision and mission statements:


Be the partner companies call first to create and leverage intelligence in their devices and systems.


We are a premier Midwest consultancy which helps clients develop the device software and enable control and IoT capability in their medical, consumer, and industrial devices by extending the capacity and expertise of their internal product development teams. As a fully-capable software engineering team, clients rely on us to deliver projects with limited direction and produce high quality solutions on-time and on-budget.

For current Gale Force Software clients, our device focus is not news. We will continue to serve them with the highest level of software engineering expertise, as we always have. For prospective clients, our new name will now more clearly convey the deep level of expertise and experience we can bring to bear on their device-oriented projects. Devices are what we have always been about, and now we will have a name that reflects that focus. Obviously, adjusting our name and stating our mission and vision does not change anything in and of itself, but for us, this marks a renewed commitment to focus on that which we do best... Device Intelligence!

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