Smart Fuel Pump

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Smart Fuel Pump

Device IQ recently demonstrated its capabilities in the automotive industry, developing the firmware for a “smart” fuel pump that communicates with other vehicle systems using a Controller Area Network (CAN). 

This project required more than just embedded firmware development. Since this was the client’s initial foray into “smart” fuel pumps, product requirements were not clear at the outset. Device IQ was able to leverage previous experience in vehicular systems communications and work side by side with the client’s system engineers to help them determine the ultimate functionality of the fuel pump. 

Following the completion of the firmware development, Device IQ worked on-site with the client to integrate the firmware with their pump hardware. As anticipated, the team encountered a few minor issues during integration testing, but in the end, were able to resolve the issues and achieve the desired product performance.  Ultimately, Device IQ delivered documentation and firmware to the client and spent several days training the client’s engineers on the firmware’s structure and use of the development tools. This type of knowledge transfer is common practice when the client’s engineers will take over development of the product at the conclusion of an engagement.

Their new smart pump has gone on to open several new opportunities with customers for this client and more smart fuel pumps are on the horizon.

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