We speak the language of smart products. Devices can now interact with the world around them in ways that we could scarcely imagine just a decade ago. Our product intelligence practice focuses on helping OEM's make the devices and machines they produce smarter in a variety of ways. Whether it's remote monitoring and telemetry, intelligent control, or predictive maintenance, Device IQ has the experience to help an OEM make their machines intelligent. Increasingly, customers and consumers expect manufacturers to give them new ways to access, control, and interact with the products they use every day.

Device IQ has been helping product OEM's add advanced intelligence to their products for many years. In fact, our firmware powers many products with which people are interacting everyday. Numerous big brands trust Device IQ to help them develop the virtual brain that brings their product to life, and you can too. Call us to talk about your project today!

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Commercial Access Control Device

Industrial Device, IoT

Device IQ engineers have successfully integrated a wireless third-party access control panel into an existing commercially available electronic facility access product that previously had no wireless capability. This effort involved proximity cards (26-bit WiegandTM format) and mag-stripe (ANSI X 4.16/ABA format) facility access cards used at secure points of entry. This integrated system now offers the capability of controlling and monitoring facility entry wirelessly. This application represents the first access-level integration of this proprietary protocol with a manufacturer’s existing access-control product.

This integration effort has enabled the following features, among others: wireless changes to access control, including the addition or deletion of required access credentials; the creation of time zones and access groups; and the real-time wireless monitoring of events and alarms.





Smart Fuel Pump

Industrial Device

Device IQ recently demonstrated its capabilities in the automotive industry, developing the firmware for a “smart” fuel pump that communicates with other vehicle systems using a Controller Area Network (CAN).

This project required more than just embedded firmware development. Since this was the client’s initial foray into “smart” fuel pumps, product requirements were not clear at the outset. Device IQ was able to leverage previous experience in vehicular systems communications and work side by side with the client’s system engineers to help them determine the ultimate functionality of the fuel pump.





Diagnostic App for Android

Industrial Device, IoT

This nationally-recognized client came to us to help them develop a field support tool that would enable them to better serve their customers with a product which is deployed across the country.  Device IQ ported an existing code base into a native Android application with multi-touch gestural capabilities and a rich user interface that provides real-time graphing of diagnostic data received from an electronic device via Bluetooth.

Today the solution continues to support tens of thousands of customers throughout the US.  





Home Automation Device

Consumer Device, IoT

Device IQ helped a national brand create a cutting-edge interface to enable first-of-its-kind voice control for a common household product through the Amazon Echo home automation framework.  Our engineers designed a system to leverage a cloud-based IoT hub and a Microsoft Azure deployment to securely allow for communication, intelligent control, and monitoring of performance of their product, which is deployed in thousands of customers' homes around the world.  This solution was a cutting edge example of the latest technology in product intelligence and remote voice control.





Smart Faucet

Consumer Device

The client engaged Device IQ to develop this product from initial feasibility through full-scale production. This involved the design and development of a touch-sensing algorithm which incorporates capacitive sensing technology, allowing users to turn the faucet on and off by tapping anywhere on the spout or handle. Continuing development included assistance in re-architecting the hardware/firmware platform to achieve cost reductions in manufacturing.  We have continued to support this global client through multiple iterations of the product and implementation of advance features.





Secure Facility Access Kiosk

Consumer Device

This project required major feature enhancements to an existing web-based ASP.NET kiosk system including development of interfaces for upgraded peripheral hardware. The web application interacts with client-side hardware as well as a server-side SQL Server database, LDAP compatible user directories and third party applications. As part of this project, Device IQ engineers worked with the hardware vendor to develop a procedure allowing them to install kiosk software using a disk image.